Saturday, September 01, 2007

Deep in 'sent items'

I changed my e-mail client software to Thunderbird the other day. It felt like moving house. I packed all my e-mail folders and had them moved to my new home. The movers were terrific; they didn't break or lose anything. But as I was unpacking everything and getting it organized, I discovered stuff I had that I had totally forgotten about. Stuff that, had I been actively blogging at the time, I would have posted here. But I wasn't truly in the blog habit back then. I was mostly just writing about the kids' musical learning. So I found a few of these old messages, and figured I'd post them where they belonged in my blog archives. In case you come to this blog via the main URL rather than an RSS feed, and you'd appreciate a pointer to these new-old posts, here are quick links:

A day in the life (1999)
Transition challenges
Unschooling apologetics
Parental deschooling


  1. Thanks for posting such wonderfully interesting and well-written old posts. I really enjoyed hearing about your "early days"!

  2. The "old" writings were fun to look in on. It is rather like looking back at four old snapshots that, taken together, give a picture of where you have been and where you have come to be!



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