Saturday, September 08, 2007

Treehouse workcrew

Work has begun in earnest on the treehouse. We had some GRUBS work to do in the morning, and then again in the afternoon. Noah stayed home in the afternoon to help his dad frame up treehouse walls. When the girls and I got back, it was just in time to share in the banging of a few more nails. Then it was time to start moving the framed wall over to the platform in the trees.

Lugging the walls over to the treehouse was easily managed by the jobsite crew. It was a perfect day for building -- sunny but with a little bit of fall crispness in the air, so not too hot. The bears know that fall is here too, and they have been busily cleaning our fruit trees, 'processing' the fruit with amazing efficiency and leaving copious plummish deposits all over the yard. The jobsite crew members had to watch where they stepped.

Up went the walls, to be nailed in place. It's starting to look like a real structure. The window will have an amazing view. Rumour has it the framing will be finished tomorrow sometime. The kids are thrilled.

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  1. Very nice! What a great project...I wish we had some trees around here for such a project :-(


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