Monday, September 24, 2007


Still no blue eggs from our Ameraucanas, but our red rock cross, barred rock and isa-brown hens seem to be squirting out eggs nicely now every second or third day. The lack of consistency in size and shape is amazing, though. Here are two eggs that Fiona collected and weighed yesterday. A "large" grocery-store eggs weighs in at about 75 gm. Our wee one was 35 gm, and the large one a hefty 102 gm. Neither fits in an egg carton. The wee one lies at the bottom of the little egg-well and you can't easily get your fingers on it to pick it up. The large one sits on top, above the egg-well, and refuses to be persuaded to hunker down in the carton. Fingers crossed for a blue egg soon. Stay tuned.


  1. I am fascinated by your eggs - really I am! I grew up in an area where there were no farms. My only egg experience is with store bought eggs. How close minded not to even realize that eggs differ in size and shape. Do they eventually settle into something more consistent?

  2. Yes, they'll eventually settle into more normalcy. Certain breeds, like the white leghorns and isa-browns which are the mainstays of commercial hatcheries, are known for consistency in egg size and shape. Though there's some variability -- the eggs get sorted into small, medium, large and extra-large and are sold in like-sized cartons. Other breeds show more variability ... but nearly as much as is seen at the "point of lay."

  3. Miranda, do you ask the kids in the morning if they'd like an XXS egg or an XXXL egg?? LOL This is a fascinating process for me to watch as well. Are the eggs okay to eat? They must be, right?

  4. How eggciting!!! We have 10 hens now...they won't be laying for awile yet, but we are enjoying them immensley!


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