Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ten and one

We forgot to take birthday candles with us went we went away for the night to celebrate Noah's birthday, so we stuck the two available tea-lights on top of his ginger-pumpkin cheesecake and designated them place-value candles, denoting 10 and 1. They looked a little silly, but it's the ritual that's important, not the aesthetics, and we are nothing if not flexible when it comes to family celebrations, so they did the trick.

We went to the Villa Dome Quixote as a family to mark the occasion. The domes are right here in town, so when it turned out I had forgotten the veg-gravy at home, there was merely a short delay to the celebratory dinner. They are wacky-looking buildings, but really fun and beautifully appointed. We all had fun finding the acoustic nodes and wacky echoes inside the parabolic ceiling. Noah had wanted to invite his family (including Grandma) but no one else, being the introvert that he is, and seemed to enjoy the occasion a lot.

We had agreed with Noah that his birthday gift could consist of a 50% parental contribution to the purchase of a recurve-bow archery set. We had led him to believe that we would make a trip to purchase it the day after his birthday, but managed to surprise him by picking it up in time for the day.

After supper we spent time in the hot tub out behind the main dome complex. And then, after some more bow-admiring and our regular readalouds, we spent the night in parabolic splendour.
And then it was a quick and easy deal to pack up our books and swimsuits and leftover cheesecake and head home. So here he is, the Robin Hood of BC (merry sisters just off-camera, eagerly awaiting their turns). He's eleven. Ten and one.


  1. Hi Miranda
    I wonder if you would mind saying where you purchased the bow and arrow. My son has been wanting one for a few years now and we thought we would try to find him one this year, but I've really no idea (other than the ones at Grand and Toy) where to find them.

  2. Heather, we purchased it from a little home-based business in the south Slocan Valley called P&R Archery & Sport. 5146 Pedro Ck. Rd. Winlaw Ph/Fax: (250) 226-7499. As far as I know they don't do anything on the internet, but they might do mail order. The guy there has kids about Noah's size and has one type of recurve bow that he keeps in stock for kids that age that he highly recommends. It was about $180 for the bow -- plus arrows, arm guard & quiver.

  3. What a neat birthday celebration! Happy Birthday, Noah!

  4. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Wow, those domes are neat.

    I overheard my daughter (7 1/2) shouting to a classmate as she trapsed off towards home, "Yes, but I prefer to spend my birthdays alone!"

    I also wanted to add to this comment that, in general, I enjoy your blog. You are a very lucky mama.

  5. Thanks for the info. Miranda. I've written it down just in case I can't find something similar in town here (which I havent been able to yet). Noah's bow looks beautiful, much nicer than the plastic ones I've found so far.

  6. Great to see a family enjoyin recurve bow !

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