Monday, September 24, 2007

Hello fall

It's definitely fall. Last night we almost had our first hard frost. I can't believe we've been spared this long -- we're a few hundred feet above town and the lake, and we usually have frost by the 15th or so. We're still delightedly bringing in vine-ripened tomatoes. But soon ... very soon. Maybe tonight.

The mountain tops are wearing fresh new coats of snow. The mornings are nippy and even Fiona has consented to the occasional long-sleeve shirt or pair of long pants (but almost never both at the same time). And the QuadraFire woodstove has been used a few times now -- not out of necessity, really, but as a comfort, a pleasure, and a cozy welcome to fall.

Photo by Fiona


  1. The wheel of the year keeps on turning...

    The fire looks lovely and warm! We are getting cool weather here as well--cool by our standards that is! It only got up to 68 degrees F here today.

  2. I'm resisting our stove. I'm putting it off until I've got all my sweaters on and can see my breath!

  3. hello! just want to say that I enjoy reading your blog a lot! it continues to inspire me to keep on homeschooling my 2 boys.

    God bless always!


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