Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The vacation rental house

Here is the amazing house we rented. Adobe, with opulent tile floors, five bedrooms, three en suite baths and another bathroom for good measure, décor décor décor, over-the-top appliances (a full-height clothes dryer with an  integrated heated drying cabinet above) and a state of the art entertainment centre. The house is a seldom-used secondary residence for some wealthy guy from LA and he rents it out by the week for less than it would have cost us to put our family up in a couple of motel chain double rooms.

Better still, the house was ensconced in an area filled with sandstone boulders just perfect for climbing. This helped salvage a little 'vacation' for the people who weren't at the hospital. We had brought our climbing rope, shoes and some basic equipment, and when the sun came out we were able to saunter down there and scramble around, do a bit of top-roping, look for lizards, admired the vegetation.

The comfort and amenities of the house turned out to be a real blessing when it ended up (a) pouring rain for a day and (b) being the location of a 3-day medical recuperation.

Part of one of the bathrooms

A bedroom

Looking out at the entry gate, through the rainstorm.


  1. looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Amanda1:53 pm

    I find myself somewhat bemused by the idea of anyone needing a clothes drying cabinet in the desert . . . for that one rainy day a year?

  3. LOL, Amanda! And we were there for the one rainy day of 2010 and didn't use it!

    The instructions and dials had all sorts of functions for flat-drying sweaters and for "wrinkle release" with steam, so I guess those are the functions it actually serves.

  4. PART of the bathroom? How big was it?
    Glad to hear Sophie is doing well.


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