Thursday, February 18, 2010

I live in a small town

I drop by the convenience store on the way home from work, because I think we might be out of milk at home. There are three people in the store -- me, the cashier and another customer. Amongst the three of us we work out that ...

Erin needs to drop by the school and pick up her report card.
One person's Pap smear result is back and is normal.
Chuck didn't stop in to buy milk this morning, so yes, I definitely need to buy some.


  1. lol that's hilarious.

  2. lol..I like that! Its the same here.

  3. Similar events happen here! lol!

  4. Got to like the small town thing! I still remember lecturing myself on the way to the movies when I'd just moved to London "you won't meet anyone you know, you won't meet anyone you know".... and still not really believing it


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