Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Metaphor for a sibling

Fiona: "Polyphemus is the guy from 'The Lightning Thief.'"
Noah: (laughing and rolling eyes) "No, Fiona, he's from Greek mythology. He wasn't invented for the Percy Jackson books. They use stories that were invented thousands of years before."
Fiona: "Oh."
Noah: "Hey Fiona, there's this cool food, it's called a tomato and it's from a book called 'My First Vegetables.'"

Uproarious laughter. Fiona is reassured that we are not laughing at her, but at Noah's gift for creating witty and incisive examples of concepts. She is eventually somewhat persuaded.


  1. Thats pretty clever! :)

  2. That's a good one!

    Luca here has the opposite problem, anytime he hears about greek mythology, he expects it to be about Percy Jackson... :D


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