Saturday, February 28, 2009

Roll over!

Limpet is turning out to be a really good learner. She walks beautifully on-leash now, will sit, lie down, stay, leave it (restrain herself from eating a treat or similar enticement placed on the floor) and come. We're now trying to train her to ring a bell when she wants out.

We've been watching lots of Dog Whisperer episodes on DVD. The kids really enjoy these, and they are learning a lot about dog psychology, behaviour and training. Imagine my surprise to discover that Limpet knows how to roll over. I had no idea the girls had taught her, or that the dog had learned so readily just from them!

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  1. Hi there,
    As a dog owner and psychology student I just wanted to caution you on following the dog whisperers style of dog training. There are many who feel his theories/approaches are outdated and inhumane.
    Here is a link to more information if you are interested:


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