Saturday, February 07, 2009


Step 1: Publish long rant about carpet on blog. Check.
Step 2: Bring home the only currently available sample of engineered flooring from the local building supply place, put it under leg of piano stool and take photo. Use imagination. Admire shiny reflection and smoothness even though the colour doesn't work with the rest of the room. Check.
Step 3: ?


  1. This reminds me that I need to choose carpeting for our 1 totally new room, 1 partly new room, and 1 old room. The old rooms currently have parquet flooring that probably tops your awful carpet for awfulness. Don't get me wrong, I love parquet, but part of the one room was a bathroom for 30 years, so there is concrete for that chunk of the room, and the other room hides its blob of embarrassingly broken parquet and concrete mess under the guest bed, and has for 8 years, but we might like to put some other shape bed in there one day..... Unfortunately the grouting between the parquet is a lost skill so no-one can match it. :( I'm too lazy to start matching woods at this stage of the baby game....

  2. Step 3: Tear up that carpet!

  3. SI ... LOL! Problem is, I've tried that approach a few times in the past in the hope that it would motivate the spousal unit to move ahead with a project with no discernible effect. For instance, he has a huge stash of lumber earmarked for the re-building our deck "next summer" (this was three years ago). Nothing was happening. So two years ago I wrecked the old deck, hoping to spark some spousal momentum. No go. Now we don't have a new deck. And we don't have an old deck either.

    Having said that, bare concrete could not be worse than what is in our big room. I have torn a corner of it up already. Perhaps you are right, at least in that room.

  4. Ideas...

    1. ask local shop to order different color.

    2. paint the concrete and buy throw rugs

    3. buy lots of knotty pine boards and make your own floor

    4. install what that have there and enjoy the shiny reflection and the multi-colored woods in your house.

    5. throw up hands in disgust and go throw the kong for Limpet some more.


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