Friday, February 27, 2009

Goodbye February

We seem to have emerged from our February Blahs. I took this photo today because Fiona and Limpet looked cute sitting together. But there's more to the photo than that.

Look at the floor. It's still the grotty carpet, but ... it's clean, tidy, vacuumed, uncluttered, repeatedly steam-cleaned and hardly smelly at all. If you look carefully at the desk where Sophie and Noah are playing on the computer, you'll see that there is a semblance of order ... a bit of clear horizontal space, a magazine folder that actually contains the music theory workbooks the way it's supposed to. There are no bits of kleenex and cast-off socks under the desk.

And the dog -- she's a complacent, companionable thing, having just returned from an hour's walk in the forest courtesy of Noah.

Everyone has practiced, the laundry is caught up, the supper dishes are done, yoga is about to happen and there is even a rumour of some math happening later this evening.

Things are looking up around here.

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