Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cat-doodler and slush

I'm excited. In four days I leave to drive to the coast to pick up my girl. The time has flown by for us. I wonder if it has seemed the same for her?

She is prone to doodle cats. She's not really a Cat Person, but for whatever reason she has this habit of cat-doodling. If she is ever stuck in a long piano master class which has ceased to engage her fully, she'll set to work filling the back of her note-paper with these little stylized line-drawn cats. As we've been gradually cleaning our way through the house we've found a few pages of cat doodles. They make me happy when I find them. I miss our cat doodler and will be glad to have her back.

Those guys above are two of my favourites off a page I discovered the other day. I love the way they are juxtaposed, each oblivious to the energy of the other. Which one will Erin be when we get her back? Both, probably.

I managed to dig the van out today. It had got snowed in (slushed-in, more accurately) at the bottom of the driveway again. Missed violin lessons, but not much else. Since five people are counting on me to pick them up at Vancouver International Airport soon, I figured I really needed to do the grunt work.

I was lucky -- 90 minutes of slinging slush at crucial points cleared enough of the crud that my next attempt up the hill was successful. Really lucky because that attempt chewed the whole hill up so much that I would have had to start all over with the shovelling if it hadn't worked.

(I feel certain that a Delica would have handled the hill just fine today. I practically need a category tag on this blog entitled "Delica Envy." I wonder if there's a Google Gadget for "Cumulative days stuck at the bottom of one's driveway due to lack of AWD and appropriate ground clearance"? I'd put that in my sidebar!)


  1. I love how you squeeze in Delica comments - lol - my dad always said "Good things come to those who wait" Now let's hope that Delica's don't become extinct before you get one :o)
    4 days till you see your dd! What an extraordinary experience she has had.

  2. I'm a big believer in putting things out there to the Universe. Generally, we have a way of making things happen to ourselves if we're dedicated enough. I have high hope for you and your Delica! I certainly enjoy reading when you manage to strew the benefits of a Delica about.

    Erin's travel time has flown by. I hope she's excited to share her adventures with those of us in cyberspace.

    Safe driving and 'no more shush' vibes for you.


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