Friday, January 16, 2009

Unschooling for the summer

"I have heard homeschoolers say they were going to unschool for the summer months for a break and then get back to real homeschooling. Erg. "

Or here's one I have heard: "We did really well this fall and finished school three weeks early, so now we're just going to unschool until the first week of January." Erg indeed.

Unschooling is not just what's left when you take away all the school. It's something unique and amazing that gradually germinates, takes root and then springs to life -- in the presence of ongoing whole-hearted trust and freedom.


  1. Absolutely! I just wish I had more on the trust side of things! lol! We're definitely eclectic learners around here because dh and I differ in how much autonomy our dks should have. Well, it works for us, anyway.

  2. Anonymous7:44 pm

    I am just now trying unschooling for the first time, (8th year of homeschooling)I somehow came upon your blog and am using it for inspiriation.

    homeschool mom of 5 ages 2 - 13

  3. It's something I wish to do with my youngest, but am scared to death by LOL It is what would fit him best! Not so sure about me though :-)


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