Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Snow on roofs

The snow is so high that in places the kids and the dog can just hop up onto the roof. So there they were, building a snowman and having a blast. A snowman now graces our ridge-line like a weather vane.

That roof is plenty strong. The one that comprises the carport -- not so much. So we headed over there and started shovelling a winter's worth of accumulated soggy snow off the, oh, maybe 600 square feet of roof. It took four of us two hours. It's a shed-style roof and after a while the pile of snow we'd shovelled off was in a continuous slope with the pitch of the roof. So of course the kids brought the Zipfys up and tried sledding from the top of the carport right off and down into the woods. I eventually nixed this, not because of the risk of skull fractures from collisions with trees, but because of the risk of untreatable skull fractures, since we can't get out, and an ambulance certainly couldn't get in.

But we got the snow off. So the carport won't collapse, crushing the van and forcing us to purchase a swanky little Delica.


  1. Those Zipfys look amazing! Definitely thinking about purchasing a few.

  2. Oh, that's funny! I can see my boys doing the same thing - it would be much more exciting than just using the snowed-in deck steps as a sled run! They would be totally thrilled to make a snowman on the roof, too. Ours has a rather steep pitch to it so that wouldn't happen, but I'm sure they'd love to try!

  3. LOL! Sorry about your Delica.

    Glad the kids are having fun. W'ere just beginning to receive our snow here in SE Ontario. Yesterday brought 8 inches and overnight another 6ish more.

    My kidlets are definitely envious of all your white stuff. They think every ridge line should have a snowman.


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