Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nice things

Fiona attended her first flock-of-agemates birthday party last weekend, having declined to throw such a party for her own birthday, and within 2.5 days both she and I were sick. Back before we'd begun homeschooling I believed that keeping kids out of virus-ridden preschools and daycares was just postponing the inevitable, that ultimately children needed to come down with virus after virus in order to develop their immunity.

I don't buy that any more. My older kids have endured maybe three colds a year (and no lice!) as they've grown up -- and that shows no sign of changing as they hang out more and more away from home. Tweens and teenagers do not share nasal secretions in quite the same way as young children do! But alas 6-year-olds, with their runny noses, unfettered sneezes, touchy-hands and shared balloon-blowing are lovely vectors for germs. And so Fiona and I both got sick. Thankfully it's not the 'flu, though we were worried at first, since the prodrome had the same sorts of symptoms. But we're rallying today. Just sore, tired and cranky.

All of which led me today to make an effort to appreciate the nice things I encountered.
  1. "Honey I Washed the Kids" soap from Lush. I heard how great this smelled and since we're hooked on Lush's solid shampoos and conditioner, last time I was there I bought some HIWTK soap. Upon a first sniff I wasn't too impressed. But the smell has grown on me somethin' fierce. I soaped Fiona down with it in the bath today and she smelled good enough to eat.
  2. The colours of my latest knitting project -- see photo above.
  3. Leftover vegetarian French Onion Soup for lunch. Comfort food, yeah.
  4. Our cozy woodstove with the glass window and heart- and body-warming flames licking away.
  5. A light, clean and beautiful new snowfall dressing the cedar boughs with billows.
  6. All the kisses and cuddles I could give Fiona because I already had the germs she might have given me.


  1. Feel better soon!

  2. I couldn't help but giggled at what you said about "Honey I Washed the Kids"..... because my 2 year old keeps licking the soap, and I thought about trying once or twice, and I had to remind myself it is SOAP and not some nice sweet treat! ;)

  3. Anonymous5:15 am

    We've been laid out, all five of us,for nearly two weeks after a birthday party we all attended and you're absolutely right if one of us is sick we can usually contain it but one sick in a room of six year olds is a guarantee to spread.

  4. Are your Lush products in Canada perhaps less violently scented than ours in the UK? We find them too much, and in fact will cross to the other side of the street to avoid the powerful smell coming from their open shop door! But it seems to me that Canadians are likely to be more sensitive in these matters?

  5. Linda, I doubt it. I too have trouble getting in the shop. But I bought on-line the first time, so I'd never experienced that effect.

    What we have are things I like the scent of, and we use them sparingly, keeping them in closed containers when not in use. Except for the HIWTK soap, which I confess I'm rather addicted to. I like it if our whole house smells like it. I'm probably becoming one of the Patchouli People -- Erin will have a bird when she gets back.

  6. Perhaps mail order is the way, then. Tho perhaps as you say you're undergoing a transformation, and when we eventually manage to save up to return to SVI we'll encounter Miranda in fog of patchouli, decked out in beads and bracelets, and with alarming hair.


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