Monday, January 26, 2009

Two favourite things

Today Fiona and I discovered two of our favourite things in the same place: night-time outdoor skating, and a café. What fun! We haven't flooded our backyard rink this year because somehow it takes me a couple of years without to work up to the purchase of an expensive new liner. But this is almost as good -- and it's right on our route to Nelson. We had the rink to ourselves and watched the stars come out, especially the Butterfly Constellation (a.k.a. Orion) and then when we were red-cheeked, refreshed and tired all at the same time, we went and grabbed a hot drink to fortify us for the ride home. Fiona's favourite steamer, chocolate-mint, was apparently quite delicious in her new travel mug.

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  1. Anonymous9:12 am

    I live in Southern Illinois and we just got our first snow and everything is halted. Its not even 2 inches deep but it is icy. Schools are closed, people stayed home from work etc. I am unschooling for the first time in my 8 years of homeschooling and our life just went as normal but when I see your pictures I think how funny it is here when it snows. My kids especially like the pic of your daugher on snow in her bathing suit. They wore snow suits outside today (its about 20 F) and they only stayed out for 10 minutes because its too cold :)

    Miriam, mom of 5


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