Wednesday, July 25, 2007

World's cutest blog

Okay, I'm biased. But Fiona's new blog has got to be one of the cutest blogs in the world. I set it up for her. Noah helped her choose a template and configure a few things. He also taught her how to upload photos. But the ideas, the inspiration, the writing are all 100% Fiona.

Click on the screenshot to link to the blog itself.


  1. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Too cute! I would of left a comment but I doen't have an account.

  2. Not biased at all. It's adorable.
    Good for her!

  3. Charlene6:01 am

    You are right! That IS one of the cutest blogs in the world!!! How adorable!

  4. Too cute!

    David and I have been talked for a few weeks about him setting up a blog to record his homeschooling experiences. We decided on September.

    Fiona's is adorable! And I love her template :-)

  5. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Since I still haven't sorted an account yet I couldn't leave a comment but could you pass on to Fiona that the hot tub photo looks mighty inviting from where I am on a cold winters day in New Zealand. Perhaps this weekend we will organise a trip to the local hot pools! jacinda

  6. That is just precious! What a neat and unobtrusive way to keep track of her growth.


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