Sunday, July 29, 2007


You'd think that if Erin were going to get trapped in the cabin by creatures of some sort, it would be by bears, or a cougar, or a pack of coyotes. But no, for almost two years, she regularly got trapped out there by our family dog. And now that we've re-homed the dog, she's still getting trapped out there due to the most unexpected types of wildlife.

Today a wind blew up and out of an overhanging birch tree fell a large wasps' nest. At least a hundred very angry wasps are currently swarming around her door.

At least she has the 7th Harry Potter book out there.


  1. Oh Dear! You'll have to post a Part the heroine got out!!

  2. This blog entry sort of begs the question -- what sort of mother, when her daughter is trapped in a cabin by a swarm of angry wasps, takes photos with a zoom lens and then hurries to her computer to post on her blog, leaving her child trapped?

  3. Anonymous5:51 pm

    what sort of mother? I dunno...reminds me of when I took pictures of Alexandra eating dirt when she was about 9 months old...I figured, no problem, she'd already ingested quite a lot, and her little pink onesie was already stained beyond recovery, but dh was horrified!


  4. Ooh! Wasps scare me!

    I was stung badly as a child--they had a nest in the hollow clothes-line pole. If I were Erin, I would not be moving until the fool proof method of dealing with them became apparent. I would be reading Harry Potter instead, as Mom checks the web for solutions. :)


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