Monday, July 30, 2007

Nocturnal heroics

The deed is done. Under cover of darkness, we managed the Stealth Wasp Manoeuvre suggested by Rebecca. First the bucket, then the blue plastic crazy carpet, then the piece of 3/8" plywood. Noah eagerly documented the whole affair with the camera. Chuck and I managed to walk without tripping up to the steep bank at the northeastern edge of the property and place the board on the ground. He stepped back and held the flashlight. I removed the bucket, then picked up the plywood and gave the whole nest a mighty heave down the bank. No swarming ensued.

Altogether I think the kids were disappointed by the lack of drama.

However, we'd just come from the lake, where we'd been watching the nearby forest fires flare in the dark. The drama there, under a dome of bright stars, definitely outdid the Wasp Stealth Manoeuvre. There are two fires visible down the lake, one near Enterprise Creek and the other further south at the head of the lake in the Springer Creek drainage. They're both pretty big and uncontained, but mostly burning upwards, away from homes and roads. Bright bursts of orange flames were visible on the ridges. Things are hot and dry here again, despite the almost two weeks of rain and cooler temperatures we had in mid-July.


  1. **Clapping wildly** Yay! You are so brave! I cannot believe you even got near that thing, let alone handled it LOL

    And oh, having been through two fires...drama is a great word for it all!

  2. The crazy carpet and plywood combo was a brilliant idea.

    Glad it went without a hitch. :)

  3. Good work on 're-homing' the bees. Not a task for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

    Hope you and yours are all safe during the fires. Thinking of you,

  4. Well, the kids may have disappointed by the lack of drama, but I imagine that you were overjoyed!

    I have tagged you for Blogger Reflection Awards. Stop by if you want to play.


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