Saturday, July 21, 2007

Straddle climb

When I was a kid we did this too, but only between doorjambs and hallway walls, so we were limited by the ceiling. Outside, between western red cedars, the sky's the limit. Or one's sense of good judgement, whichever comes first. The fortunate feature of this particular pair of trees is that they're too far apart for Fiona to straddle.


  1. LOL Yes, we did that between doorjambs as well, and oh what fun! Now those trees and we would have been in heaven! Look at her go!

  2. This must be universal! We used to do that as kids, and our kids are doing that too.

    But wow, I'd never have thought of doing the same with trees!

  3. ummm going up is one thing...but coming down???? :)


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