Monday, November 09, 2009

Viral trends

This is the story of our past week and a half. Lovely, isn't it? Three of the kids have been sick twice. Erin had the worst of it initially -- likely the H1N1 thing, contracted in transit back from Calgary that week. She quarantined herself quite effectively in the cabin and we essentially didn't see her for three days. She slept, I delivered fluids, and we all washed our hands after her once or twice-daily trips into the house to use the toilet.

The younger girls then got something that I'd feared might be Erin's flu, but turned out to be much milder. Erin then got sick again with cold-like symptoms which I assumed was the milder virus Sophie and Fiona had had. But then today Sophie and Fiona have come down with exactly whatever Erin now has. And Noah is in the midst of a nasty thing that's somewhere about mid-range in severity.

Two significant blessings: Sophie was in a small window of relative wellness on her birthday, and the viral trend curves of the parents in this family (not shown) are nice flat lines at the bottom of the graph.

In the midst we managed to (mostly) participate in the Baroque Dance workshop, and to perform at the Baroque Concert. Tomorrow brings a Remembrance Day quartet performance for the middle kids at the local school. I'm hoping they'll be able to play during the laying of the wreaths, even if we have to wheel them in and prop them up.


  1. Anonymous7:06 pm

    You have my sympathy. I hope you have 100% health and happiness very soon!

  2. Anonymous7:19 am

    I had the H1N1 bleeding into pneumonia (go asthma!) and now it seems a little mastitis is rearing it's ugly head. Thankfully other than some snotty noses and a dry cough the kids have remained unscathed. On the up side we've had Dad home for the better part of two weeks, too bad I've been too feverish to notice.

    Get better soon...

  3. Love the graph! Ours would have looked somewhat similar in early October and also last winter/spring.

    Hope everyone feels better soon!


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