Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hug a Chicken Day

A few changes in progress around here lately, worth a few posts, but today is rushed -- more about those another time.

Today, though, we celebrated Hug a Chicken Day. The kids are in the midst of creating a randomizable selection of 365 special celebrations, one for each day of the year. Amongst the more peculiar days: Loose Temper Day, Feed Liquor to Children Day, Wide-Eyed Day, Foraging Day, Notice Weird Things About Your Body Day and Worship a New God Day. Zany, irreverent, out of left field these celebrations are. Just like my children.

Today's festivities were roundly enjoyed by all, with the possible exception of the chicken.


  1. Too good! Will you share the complete list? It sounds like great fun. Let me see what we can come up with around here ...

  2. Anonymous8:41 pm

    I like it!


  3. Hi! Don Cohen-The Mathman here. I love your site! If you have my worksheet book, you really don't need the "text". Paper copies are available at amazon under new and used. Check out Seth's blog for homeschooling his sons at


    When you get time, visit my amateurish site for new things my students are doing and how Seth came to my website..

    Keep up the fine work you all.


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