Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer job proceeds

Erin's summer job at the café has netted her this. She had accumulated enough savings to purchase the very first personal kid-computer in our home. The four kids share a desktop computer, but it's used almost entirely for collaborative gaming rather than personal work. Erin has long pined for her own laptop with which to curl up on the couch or in her cabin, and write, surf the internet, manage her immense iTunes library, do schoolwork and so on. She's made use of Chuck's cast-off laptops limping along on their last legs, but the last of those expired a few months ago and since then she's carved out a Documents folder on my computer and used it. I'm almost as thrilled as she is that she now has her own computer -- less competition for my computer!

Her Dell Inspiron arrived by Purolator yesterday. In the middle of the Valhalla Summer School of Music. She's managed to find a few minutes here and there to configure and install things.


  1. Ha! Fiona looks like she may want one next :)

    Best, Kimberly

  2. How exciting! I love that she earned it herself.


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