Saturday, August 22, 2009

Runniversary 5

Sad update. I'm currently sidelined by inflammation in my sacroiliac joint (lower back / hip). Tried to run through it. Ran 14 miles last weekend, quite fast, and that turned a twinge into an injury. Speedwork on Tuesday made it worse. Even an easy run on Thursday was too much. It doesn't actually feel bad while I'm running, except just at the very beginning. Afterwards is a killer though. Can't roll over in bed, can't lift my leg to get out of the van.

So I'm being sensible, even though it's just about killing me. Rest. Ice. Stretching. No running. It's now improving, quickly. Almost no pain today. Good.

I started my 10-week half marathon training schedule two weeks early just to build in a contingency for things like this. So it's okay. But I really miss the running. I'm going to wait until Tuesday and try an easy run, then take it from there.

Month 5 has been good overall though. Even during the music school weeks I managed to get my runs in. My speed has continued to improve. Last week I ran the first 21.1 km (half marathon distance) of a hilly long run in 2:01:03, which is just a minute and four seconds over my dream goal for my not-hilly October race. I am absolutely loving my Garmin GPS running gizmo. The image above is an example of part of one of my routes, plotted automatically by the Garmin and its on-line software, using GoogleEarth. The Garmin keeps me on track with my pace, preventing me from pushing too hard on easy days.

This week I ordered some winter running gear. Gloves, a hat, an insulated water bottle holder, some grippy things for my shoes, a long-sleeved tech shirt. My race in Calgary in 6 weeks could begin at temperatures as low as freezing, and I won't be anywhere I can shop for this stuff before then. It seemed judicious to plan ahead. I know I won't need the grippy things until November at the earliest, but heck, any excuse to shop for running gear. But fall is coming. Already the temperatures here are moderating; one recent night up on the pass I could actually see my breath. I love running in cool temperatures. Then it got up to 31 C again yesterday. August again! It was a good day to be resting.

My goal of 500 miles by the end of 2009 is looking ridiculously conservative now. I'm sitting at 451 miles completed. Once I'm back on a regular running schedule I'll hit 500 in less than two weeks. Time to start thinking about new goals.


  1. Glad to hear you are recovering well. You're an inspiration:)

  2. That is one cool device! I hope you mend quickly and that you are soon out training again. Oh, and I really hope that winter decides to make a late, brief appearance just like summer has in Ontario. I don't want to see my breath for a couple of months yet! lol!


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