Monday, August 31, 2009

Other uses for the deck

So far the deck has been used for hula-hooping, playing with the dog, playing guitar, practising violin, holding a good-bye party for some friends, barbequeing dinner... and this family past-time, reading.

Fiona has rollicked her way through both Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little, plus another easy reader type chapter book, in less than 5 days. Like with her kids' marathon and her violin practicing she's always been good at slow-and-steady stuff. These are not the most challenging nor the biggest books she's read. But she's reading so much faster now, and for much greater lengths of time, so that the brief time it's taken her to read through these is unprecedented.

The last few days she's been making me laugh so hard with her impetuous little admonishments. She really 'gets' her mom and knows how to make me laugh and get what she wants at the same time ... clever little thing!

Example 1:

F: (is nattering on about something, asks a question ...)
M: (distracted) Hmmm.... I don't know.
[a minute of silence ... M is on the computer and has forgotten F is even there]
F: (in M's face with that glint in her eye -- she already knows the answer) Mommy, do you really not know, or were you just not paying any attention to what I was saying?

Example 2:

F is reheating waffles in the toaster. This part she does by herself, but she doesn't like pouring the maple syrup and always asks for help. I am nearby, but busy with cleaning and tidying.
F: My waffles popped up!
M: Mmm-hmm.
[silence ... M continues with housekeeping]
F: (in M's face with that glint in her eye again) Isn't that supposed to mean something to you?

I poured the maple syrup.

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