Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Smudge Princess

I mentioned the other day how Erin is managing to take even the exercises in her writing class that have not been to her liking at all and make them work for her. Since she's been a tenacious, autonomy-driven (i.e. stubborn as a mule) kind of kid her whole life, I'm impressed that she is doing this.

Case in point: an illustrated children's story, to be read aloud to peers and the Kindergarten and Grade 1 students at the school. "Illustrated?!" Erin asks incredulously. "What's that got to do with writing? Your publisher is supposed to hire someone to illustrate for you! Why do we have to do stupid illustrations?"

But a couple of hours later she has finished an illustrated children's story. The protaganists are (wait for it ...)

a smudge


a dot.

The illustrations are actually quite endearing, in a seriously minimalist way.

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  1. I love when children can think for themselves and are free to dislike and question things. My daughter had taken an on line english class and one of the units was on poetry which she doesnt dislike but when she needed to write a sonnet she wasnt impressed and was stumped. I suggested she write a sonnet about how much she dislikes sonnets..she did and altho the teacher wasnt exactly encouraging, it was published in "What If" magazine and yup, they had someone illustrate it for her lol.
    I relly enjoy your blog!


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