Friday, November 21, 2008

Old house, new house

Our house consists of two distinct parts. These can be variously described as:

Old house and new house
Log house and framed house
Day-time house and night-time house
Wood stove house and furnace house

And now, to this we add ...

Dog house and cat house

The cat and dog do not get along. It's mostly the cat's fault. She has made it clear that she does not like the dog. She lies in ambush behind doorways. She initiates spats. She's like the conniving older sibling, baiting the younger sister with subtle jibes until the little one explodes, then acts all innocent.

Gradually they are working out the details of a ceasefire. It appears the cat is claiming the new house, the part that contains beds, comforters and silence. The dog is claiming the old house, the part with the wood stove, the kids and the unguarded half loaf of banana bread.

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  1. LOL - I can so relate to this. My cat is very old and very cranky. She's been with us since before children and when we brought Jack into the house 2 years ago she did not like it at all! We are finally at the point where the animals are starting to co-exist somewhat peacefully. Up until this fall she wouldn't leave the upstairs of the house. Now she is content to wander at will with the occasional hiss and swat at the young dog who just really wants to play a little bit with her.


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