Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sit! Down!

She had clearly been taught to sit when we got her, but the learning was a little tenuous. Within a week we had firmed that up. Then Fiona and Sophie started adding a "stay" to the "sit." That started to take root. Over the past few days we've got from 1-2 seconds' stay to a ten second wait with a step or two back and turning away briefly.

And then today, all in a rush, after a few days of frustration, she got the "down" thing. At first it would only work in the family room, where she likes to lie down anyway, and only with me. But within an hour she'd generalized it to the girls as well and to locations throughout the house.

What a great dog! She is so eager to please. Sometimes slightly misguided, but always eager.


  1. I just love her. She sounds like a delightful companion.

  2. I'm so glad that she's working out! When Riley was a pup, Maddie had such a way with him. She was barely three and she'd stand with hands on hips and say "WAY DOWN" and Riley, who was taller than Maddie, would lay down.


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