Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today's internet wisdom

Random bits of wisdom encountered today on the internet:

1. "Homeschooling doesn't make you weird .... it lets you be weird!" (see photo, left)

2. In response to "when I grew up all kids were exposed to all those images and activities and we're fine'...
"The 'we're all fine' argument kinda makes me laugh, I was just discussing this with friends the other day: we're not all fine! Seriously, look around you, is this society 'fine', are people really all fine???"

3. "[Disney is] a gateway drug for preschoolers into rampant mass-market consumerism."


  1. I love #1. It is something my son would say and is oh so true . . .

  2. The "I'm fine" argument is such a big pet peeve of mine.


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