Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dinner time!

Chuck made us a dinner gong last weekend in the smithy. I am grateful to have a dinner gong, and even more grateful that we are living the kind of life that makes a dinner gong a useful accessory. We have the freedom to roam out our front door, and a safe natural environment to roam in.

Fiona was really hungry yesterday and wanted to ring the gong to summon supper. Nice try! It's a unidirectional message that summons family members to supper, not the other way around.

I did eventually feed her.


  1. We've got a big iron dinner bell up on our farm. Lots of fun!

  2. Beautiful craftsmanship!

  3. Amanda2:06 pm

    Dinner gong or dinner triangle?

  4. Amanda2:11 pm

    Should have said, very nice (and musical) either way

  5. Doesn't look like it'd *GONG* much. How loud does it get?

  6. Oh, it's really loud. Think of the penetrating sound of an orchestral triangle, but at a lower pitch, rife with overtones.

  7. I want one! Maybe a quieter one though, since outr yard isn't THAT huge... ;)


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