Friday, May 16, 2008


Speedminton is a new game for us. I bought a couple of two-racquet sets recently. The rackets are stronger than badminton rackets, though still lightweight. A net is not required. And the birdies are a bit heavier and more stable in breezes outdoors. It is a great family lawn game.

The kids are really enjoying it now that the weather has turned. It's unusual to hear Noah instigating outdoor play after a period of computer time, but lately I'm hearing "hey, that's enough computer ... let's go play outside." I would easily pay the price of a speedminton set several times over to hear things like that come out of his mouth.

Last night Noah and Sophie spent quite a while coaching Fiona on serve technique. Lately they are hyper-critical of her, something that is being duly noted and worked on. It was nice to see them working supportively with her, with much patience and creativity. Her serve now connects with the birdie with some regularity.

She takes the input seriously, and is a fine student, both committed and resilient, often laughing hysterically at her own gaffs but then heading off to do some serious work to overcome her mistakes.


  1. I never heard of Speedminton before. Is it easy enough to find?

  2. Anonymous6:32 pm

    I'd love to hear how you handle the hyper-critical talk. My daughter is like this with her younger brother and I'd be interested to hear how you're approaching it.

  3. We bought Speedminton online.

    Hypercritical talk ... hmmm, sounds like a blog post in the making. Stay tuned.


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