Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Clavicle girl

She's looking pretty cheerful, my kid with the busted collarbone. With the bandage on it doesn't hurt much unless she forgets herself and does something she shouldn't. She needs help getting dressed and undressed, and putting her carseat straps on, and climbing up to places, but mostly she's her same old self.

Aikido and soccer will not be on the slate for two or three weeks I expect, meaning she'll miss pretty much the entire remainder of the season of both. Too sad. We thought violin would be the same, but she can actually do a fair bit, since it's the right side that's injured and the violin sits on the left. She had a lesson scheduled for today, and yesterday had said she'd probably skip it, but when it came time to get her siblings there she said she wanted a lesson too.

She did pitch sight-reading with her teacher bowing, tapped some rhythmic reading and then showed off her vibrato. The vibrato is clicking big-time for her. The motion is lovely and relaxed and she has a stable if wide and slow vibrato in first position now, having started in third and worked back.

What's surprised me is how self-conscious she is about her injury. She's my least introverted least perfectionistic child, yet she doesn't seem to want anyone to know that she hurt herself. She wears her bandage inside her clothes so that people can't see it, and doesn't like it when I tell anyone what happened, not even her favourite adults.


  1. Katie7:36 am

    Poor Fiona! I broke my collar bone at aikido too- uke'd for a goshi nage and then realised that i wasn't going to land nice and softly. I hope she feels better soon- don't let her do what I did and go back too soon, although i'm sure she'd have more sense :)

  2. You know I am definitely an extrovert and when I was little, I absolutely HATED anyone knowing I was sick or hurt. Hated it. Hated it so much that once when I was 8, I didn't tell my mom I had an ear ache until my ear drum burst... Don't know why exactly. I've wondered if it has something to do with vulnerability? I still hate it when people feel sorry for me...


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