Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First recital

Erin went to Kelowna last weekend and performed her recital for a small appreciative audience in the wonderful century-old Anglican cathedral there. The acoustics were so live and lovely for the unaccompanied Bach I just had to record it.

I am in awe of this girl's playing. She has come so far in the past few months. And just look at her -- how much she loves what she is doing, how much she plays right into the music, clearly caring deeply about both the music and what she is giving to the audience.

The local recital takes place later this week. I think there might be a lot of people there.


  1. My children are learning violin right now utilizing the Suzuki method. My daughter listened to your daughter and was inspired. However she doesn't want to practice. Did you do something to encourage practicing or was your daughter self motivated from the start?

  2. Proud Mama, no she certainly wasn't always self-motivated. There was a turning point at about age 12 when she was left without at teacher for about six months and discovered that she really really missed having lessons. Prior to that she defintely struggled frequently with motivation. If you're interested in reading more, you could go back and read the early entries in my blog, from 1997-2003. They're mostly about Erin's Suzuki violin journey through the early years.

    There are also a few posts throughout 2003-2008 that deal with motivation issues. You could use the search bar on my blog and search "motivation music education" and come up with a bunch of posts. Hope this helps!

  3. That was beautiful! It was a pleasure to listen to her play.

  4. Having read your blog for some time I must say what a beautiful young lady she has become! Her playing is just lovely

  5. Wish we could have been there but alas we were in Calgary for a funeral.

  6. Natalie watched the video of Erin playing tonight with me. She often has trouble with motivation on her own Suzuki journey and it helps to know we're not the only ones and also that it has potential for getting better. Although if it remains a hobby that's okay too.

    Erin's playing was stunning. Not just technically excellent, but so obviously enjoyed. I think that is what moved me the most.

  7. 'Awesome', as you say in Canada!

  8. Beautiful! It must be so much fun for you to watch live!

  9. Anonymous6:02 pm

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