Sunday, October 24, 2010


She has to come home after all, I guess, since the posters are being printed, large and glossy.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful poster! Hope the concert is geat. Also glad to read that the McGill visit went well. Will she consider any other music schools for university (e.g. NYC?). It may be very difficult to have a 17yo live totally on her own in Montreal. But living with a family or at a school might well work.

  2. I certainly hope she won't consider Julliard or anything! Tuition at McGill for Canadians is under $6K/year while Julliard, Cleveland and similar US schools cost over $30K/year. We budgeted for Canadian post-secondary expenses, not US ones!

  3. How about a UK leg to the concert tour?

  4. That turned out great - love the poster!

  5. What a beautiful poster!

    I am writing here to ask you a question. I have a blog here I am planning to write about unschooling and I would love to quote you and reference your blog. I have commented here a few times before, but maybe not enough for you to remember me. My name is Erin, and I have twin daughters named Sophie & Fiona, I remember being struck by how you have three daughters of the same names!

    Anyway, your take on unschooling really resonates with me and I would like your permission before I quote you and link to you. I will check back here and my email address is .




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