Monday, November 08, 2010

The cheese, at last

Finally the Day of the Unwaxing of the Cheese arrived. Sophie suggested that her birthday would be an auspicious occasion, marking about three months of aging. We missed her birthday. I had spent the weekend driving Erin first west for a rehearsal and then all the way east to Calgary for a lesson and arrived home at 10 pm after 21 hours of driving over the previous couple of days. We had decided to hold the natal celebration a day late.

And so The Unwaxing proceeded. The cheese was a lovely texture: just slightly on the dry side for farmer's cheese, but holding together nicely in slender slices. I would have liked it a little sweeter, but it had a nice aged bite to it and goes very nicely with crackers.


  1. Oh, love to hear how it turned out. I make a lot of soft/fast cheeses, but haven't yet jumped into aging and waxing yet. This winter, I think. Looks good!

    And Happy Birthday Sophie!

  2. I am a cheese-aholic and that looks really gooooood!!


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