Friday, March 06, 2009

Violin Fingers

Mysterious pictures sometimes show up on my camera. Sometimes I don't know who took them or why, but this photo was easy to figure out. This one tells the story of a girl who has just been given the go-ahead to start work on the Fiocco Allegro on violin and has been having lots of fun playing lots of notes really fast. So much fun that for the first time her fingers show big grooves from the pressure on the strings after her prolonged practicing, and the tell-tale discolouration resulting from skin chemistry mingling with metal winding on the strings.

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  1. Back before carpal tunnel syndrome when I practiced regularly, random people used to ask me if I were a violinist because of the red spot on my neck, in-eligently known as violin-hicky. Now I've heard a silk scarf will take care of that, nice to know in the Summer time when the neck gets really sore.

    Some day it will be Summer again.

    -Christine in Massachusetts


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