Saturday, March 21, 2009

Car wash

This post is for my friend K____ who always takes Fiona under her wing while Noah and I are busy at quartet rehearsals, sometimes sitting down with her to look through this blog and read and talk about the stuff they find here ... and who bugged me about not posting about the bottle drive her family and mine worked a couple of weeks ago. "Well," I said, "I forgot to bring the camera, and I don't write blog posts if I don't have a photo to get me started."

So this morning when we headed out for another community fundraiser I knew I'd need to remember my camera or lose all credibility. I brought it to the car wash and it only got a little wet. The kids worked hard from 11 until 3 pm. I guess we must have washed more than 50 cars. The car wash is an annual spring event run by the community club, with monies donated to groups who help provide manpower. This year a significant part of that manpower was provided by the local members of Corazón Youth Choir and their families.

Fiona enjoyed her special role as Keeper of the Keys, hanging onto the ignition keys during the pre-wash, wash and rinse stations, and then returning the keys to the vehicle's owner over at the BBQ & beverage waiting area.

Everyone got rather wet, despite rubber boots and rain gear. The high pressure spray (hooked up to a fire hydrant without an excess of pressure down-regulation) was enjoyed by all the kids, and wearing soapy mittens was pretty fun, especially if you applauded! The weather was thankfully very mild on this first day of spring, and the sun even poked out a few times -- though the propane-powered mini-handwarming station was much appreciated.

It was another one of those pretty cool community workbees where adults from various walks of life and children of various ages worked cheerfully alongside each other having fun and doing good work. I'm so glad we live in a small town where these sorts of opportunities regularly present themselves.

Corazón leaves on their tour tomorrow. Another week without Erin!

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  1. This was a fun event! Thanks for writing about it on your blog.
    Hugs to you


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