Thursday, March 05, 2009

One dozen Asia snippets

Things we have learned about Erin and her trip to Asia.

1. She seems to magnetically attract airborne geckos and other lizardy things.
2. It takes a few nights to learn to sleep restfully in a hammock.
3. I am not the only person who finds Erin difficult to go shopping with!
4. She can handle a whitewater kayak through Class 3 rapids after just a bit of coaching.
5. While she's not a fastidious packer (what? fold clothes? what for?), she's also not big on unpacking, so she's a reasonably tidy traveller.
6. A 14-year-old from a town of 600 in Canada can explore Bangkok, a city of 9 million, on her own without incident.
7. "No meat please" is a useful phrase to learn in Burmese, Thai and Laotian.
8. Four thousand stupas near Bagan make a wonderful playground.
9. A travelling companion falling out of a hammock or a kayak can trigger at least 24 hours of gut-splitting laughter explosions, and aftershocks that carry over even to Canada.
10. Our girl now has a taste for beer. And mushrooms. Though not together.
11. There's an Italian restaurant in Chiang Mai that serves the world's best pizza.
12. You can give a girl a camera but you can't make her take photos. Good things her buddies took lots!

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  1. Anonymous6:26 am

    I wish I could add an icon here. If I could it would be the one that's watching the screen and eating popcorn.


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