Friday, July 11, 2008

Power out again

We drove Erin to Calgary to hook her up with the people she was carpooling to Edmonton with, and then we drove back immediately. Usually our Calgary jaunts include an 'in between day,' but this time we did a quick out and back, with an overnight in between. The weather was mysteriously cold on the morning of our return. On our drive over the first mountain pass we had another inkling of weird weather when slush started falling on us. And after crossing the inland ferry we noticed signs of high winds ... loads of tree debris scattered across the highway. We pulled into the village north of our home to buy chicken and rabbit feed and were told that there had been one heck of a nasty windstorm through the area about three hours earlier and that the area we were about to head through had been hit hard.

Before we arrived in our town we were weighing the odds of a power outage. We began peering into homes for some sign of electrical activity. Alas there was none. And when we arrived home it was as we suspected -- the power had been out all afternoon and wasn't expected to be back on until evening the next day. So we hunkered down for the evening with candles and went to bed early, which was fine since we'd got up very early for BC time.

Today was a lovely day. I worked a clinic in the morning, meaning the kids were home alone for part of the day. But they had a nice time. In the afternoon Sophie went off to a friend's, and Noah and Fiona played together, biking, playing with chickens and rabbits, playing a long game of horseshoes. They helped me with yardwork. They both practiced outside, in opposite corners of the yard, simultaneously. The chickens were at first very curious about Noah's viola, but scattered once he actually started playing.

Oh, chickens and rabbits seem to get along just fine, as you can see. They are mildly curious about each other, easily spooked by each others' sudden movements, but seem to enjoy being together on the lawn.

Power was restored in time for supper. Noah is happily back at the computer, but did take a nice long break for lots of reading aloud of "The True Meaning of Smekday," a quirky sci-fi comedy by Adam Rex which has us all laughing our heads off.

Erin will have spent a day with a group of 30 teens being showed the sights around Edmonton. We forgot to pack her a beach towel, or a daypack. I'm guessing she's making do okay without. Rehearsals start tomorrow for her.

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