Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oooh!! Ahhh!!

Canada Day fireworks. The weather was fine, unlike yesterday when evening brought a humongous thunderstorm and wicked whitecaps on the lake. Tonight was calm and balmy, though overcast. The whole town, plus all the current tourists, gathered in the park near the waterfront. The volunteer fire department set of the fireworks over the lake. We oohed and ahhh'd and applauded. The cracks and booms echoed off the mountains around the lake over and over, for at least 10 seconds after each volley.

I wish I'd used the camera to capture Fiona's face. In past years fireworks have been fun and exciting but also somewhat terrifying to her. This year they brought pure excitement. Her face was priceless, lit up by a maniacal grin and the red and gold of the explosions of light.

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