Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quoth the homeschoolers

Sometimes I wonder about the socialization my kids are getting. Not that they're not picking up decent social skills, or that they don't get to hang out with other kids, or that they aren't happy. But sometimes I hear things that make me wonder ... they just don't seem like kids their age.

Case in point #1. A 9-year-old girl is unwinding after community orchestra, playing a computer game with her brother. She warns him against something that's likely to cost their character a life. You'd think she'd say "look out, we'll die!" but what comes out of her mouth is

"Beware! We shall perish!"

Stranger still, the warning is not spoken but sung, starting on middle C, with "perish" jumping up the octave to C-above.

Case in point #2. An 11-year-old boy comes into the house from a viola lesson. The minivan was chilly, there's snow blowing between the carport and the house, and on the way through the mudroom he grabs a chilly grapefruit for a snack. You might expect him to be a bit cold, and maybe to say something like "man, I'm cold!" But no, instead he announces, with a dramatic flourish:

"Oh, what coldness life possesses!"


  1. That's hilarious!!!

  2. I wouldn't wonder about their socialization skills, I'd probably find myself asking, what century or country I was living in......lol. I'd love to meet you and your children one day Miranda.

  3. Or maybe it's because school kids have all the individuality stomped out of them at an early age. We've forgotten what "real" kids are like!

  4. That's funny! I'm starting to wonder about my kid too, and he's not quite 4 yet...

    "Maman, I don't want to go to bed, I want to do math!!!"

    or better yet

    "I don't want any present for my birthday maman, but I want my party to be at the museum"


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