Thursday, December 06, 2007

Family bed fall

She joins her mom and dad about half the time in the middle of the night. She's warm and cuddly, so who can resist? But maybe there just isn't enough room for her any more. I swear I didn't push her out. She was there and then she rolled over and suddenly - kathunk - she was on the floor. She cried a bit, hopped back in bed and that was that, or so we thought.

But by this morning she'd developed quite a shiner. She clearly clipped the bedside table on the way down. Poor mite. But she doesn't remember any of it! A good thing, I guess.


  1. Ah, our 8-year-old is still permanently with us on our bed. VERY VERY cuddly! *haha*

    Hope the bruise is better!

  2. Ouch! My daughter did this a couple of months ago, and yes, I blogged about it (it was so dramatic, how could I not?) but she wouldn't let me post a picture. Mind you, her eye was pretty gory-looking. She sliced open the eyelid falling on some sharp edge.

    And worst of all, when we went to the ER, the doctor there GLUED her eye shut when trying to apply the skin glue! We jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

    I was amazed how fast it all healed. My kid is 6,and it took about 2 weeks, which, considering the injury, seemed astoundingly fast. Do you ever use arnica gel? I found it prevented the bruise from developing.

    cheers / sheila

  3. Awww, poor thing. Now she'll get to use the famed "you should see the other guy" line.

    We had a few bumps with the family bed, too. One time dh was away and Alex was sleeping with me, as he still did, he was maybe four?? Having a snorer for a husband, I was accustomed to giving a shove once in a while to get him to turn over. Well, this particular night, Alex had a cold and must've snored pretty loudly, because in my sleepy stupor, I gave him a shove thinking it was dh and I pushed him right out of bed. I still cringe when I think of that, poor guy :(

  4. Ow! That looks like it hurt. Ah, the perils of shared space. I always put my kids in the middle--I'm usually the first one up and dont' want to have to crawl over somebody. This morning, everybody was in the bed. Poor dh--even the cat was on his side ;-)

  5. Fiona goes in the middle, except when Chuck is on call, because she thrashes around a fair bit, and he is a light sleeper who has trouble getting back to sleep on on-call nights -- and needs his sleep in case he gets called to ER at 3:30 a.m. or whatever.

    Sheila mentioned arnica. Did that, but of course it was too late for optimal benefit because we didn't notice she'd been injured until about 6 hours later.

  6. Poor girl! Won't you all have an interesting family Christmas picture?!

    I have to tell you that Raiden did the same thing when he was Fiona's size. Only he smacked his eye on the rocking chair arm at my bedside. We didn't know anything was wrong until we woke up hours later with blood on the pillow and a small, but gaping, gash above his eye. He doesn't remember doing it, but he has the scar to prove it happened.

    In the recesses of my mind, I was always worried about 'smothering the baby' as my extended family was always so careful to warn me about. It didn't occur to me to worry once the kids could get themselves in and out of the family bed.

    I hope she's not too sore, and please let her know she's got other Family Bed Veterans out there that can sympathize with her.


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