Friday, October 26, 2007

Werewolves in their spare time

A couple of months ago the kids re-discovered the camcorder. We share it with my mom, so it doesn't always live here, but one night it was here, and the kids noticed it, and were in a particularly crazy creative mood. They figured out the low-lux feature, got out the dress-up clothes, put them on parts of their bodies that they weren't meant for, and recorded each other dancing, howling and generally hamming it up. The resulting video was christened "What Werewolves Do on Their Day Off."

Now we've just finished installing a firewire card on one of our computers, so that our camcorder can talk to the computer and to the video-editing software therein. Noah is having a blast pairing up "Werewolves" with freaky music and hilarious titles, cross-fades and other transitions. He's suggested that this should be an undocumented bonus feature on an otherwise serious DVD of musical performances.


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