Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sophie has been wanting to try screenprinting for ages. Today we started working together on a screen for our Ethnic Cooking Club. We'll do these on fabric eventually, but today we tried our hand at printing on paper. First we did a paper print by cutting a circle out of a bit of freezer paper. We printed in blue for the earth's water. Next we painted the image we wanted to print on the silk using drawing fluid (shown right). The earth's water was left empty so that the blue would show through. After that we applied screen filler, and then washed out the drawing fluid with cold water. We'll try printing tomorrow. If we're happy with this screen we'll save it for use on fabric and order up some fabric dye as soon as possible.

For some reason the prospect of making a series of identical prints appeals to both me and Sophie. There's such order in it, I suppose.

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  1. I remember screen printing in school and we did shirts as well as canvas prints. Great project. Fellow homeschooler here. Love your blog.


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