Thursday, March 03, 2011

Seventeen years of awesome

You may have noticed that as the years roll by I post less and less about my older kids. That's because I sense that they don't necessarily want every moment of their lives chronicled in public through their parents' eyes. They're their own people, and they have strong sense of privacy about things that are personal and important to them. I don't want to intrude on that.

The other day Erin asked me (with a smirk) why I hadn't done a post around her birthday, "You know, the one you do about each of us on our birthdays about how awesome we are and everything?"

I don't actually do birthday posts like that, at least not anymore, but that sounded like invitation to me. And it got me thinking about how awesome my big girl really is. Especially in the past few months. So here we go...

She's still tenacious and driven relentlessly to pursue her own precise agenda. Things were very foul indeed around here when her violin was misbehaving due to sound post issues. When she accidentally oversleeps, or gets blisters, or can't find something, or runs out of time for practicing, or someone walks off with the black wet-erase marker (never mind that the other 14 colours are sitting right there) she is no fun to be around.

But so much is truly sweetness and light around here with her lately. She gets up early of her own accord. She is working diligently at coursework for school, knocking off courses quickly and efficiently.  She earns amazing grades. She is fit and healthy, spending up to two hours a day at the gym and/or running. Lately she eats vegetables like they're going out of style. She's working hard on the violin. She's been accompanying the local Suzuki students in their performance pieces and is the (well-paid) accompanist for the local community choir and does a fabulous job for them. She comes cheerfully to Suzuki group class to support the younger less advanced students. She's got a pretty nice relationship with each of her younger siblings. She doesn't do drugs or hang out with wayward friends. She's sure of who she is and what she wants to do. She's confident and capable but humble, and she doesn't look down on people who are less capable than she is. She writes short stories that leave her Writing 12 teacher's mouth agape in awe.

How sad that just when they become easy, fun and helpful they want to move away from home...


  1. Beautiful post. Fabulous young woman. Excellent mama. Awesome family.

  2. What beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We deserve to brag about our kids and for them to hear it:) Seems like a lovely young lady with a world of opportunities ahead of her.

  4. How on earth can our girls be 17 so quickly? We want to hold on to them, but at the same time we know we have to let them go.

  5. Awesome post for an awesome girl. Love it.

  6. Anonymous6:28 am

    Such a beautiful post. Also gives me hope that things are going to get better pretty soon around here as I already feel my daughter growing up and becoming much more sensible and responsible with every passing day. Daughters are lovely, and you've done a brilliant job with yours!

  7. Wow, I just rediscovered you and your incredible family. Many years ago I read about your struggles teaching Erin the violin. My daughter Avery was going through the same sort of things. I eventually gave up and Avery isn't playing any instruments at the moment. She is currently going to a wonderful boarding school called Fountainview Academy. It is her first year away from home and she is filming in Hawaii with the school at the moment. She enjoys singing in the choir. My son Liam is Noah's age and I always found similarities between them. Liam is still homeschooling (grade 9) and wants to attend Fountainview in grade 11 like his sister.

    Sorry thus is so long. I don't think you would remember us but I just wanted to say that it us nice to see you guys are doing well and still making music.



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