Saturday, July 10, 2010

Underwater Rock Garden

I love the rocks at our favourite beach. I think I have reached the point where I actually enjoy the rocky nature of our local beaches more than I would sand. The rocks are weathered and varied, many of them flat disks perfect for skipping. I have been collecting my favourites for years, and they now populate the karenagare I began last summer.

While the kids are swimming, playing, running along floating logs and climbing the cherry trees at the beach, I am invariably enjoying the rocks. Fondling them, perusing, polishing, collecting, searching, piling, arranging, admiring them wet, watching them dry.

I've long loved Andy Goldsworthy's work as well as the idea of natural ephemeral art. At the same beach years ago the kids and I made a Goldsworthy-inspired twig-and-feather sun. Yesterday I had a great time assembling an underwater rock garden. Then I spent the rest of the time warning everyone not to walk near it or skip rocks towards it. They decided I did not have an attitude appropriate to one engaged in producing ephemeral art and proceeded to get great enjoyment from threatening my garden and laughing at my reactions. Rotten kids. Even Chuck got caught up in the fun. Rotten guy. Nevertheless I managed to keep my circle intact long enough to return with a camera today and take a picture.

I also tried a connect-the-lines approach with quartz-veined rocks on some driftwood. You can see a little of this in the upper right of the underwater rock garden as well if you look closely. This is something I'll work more with in the future. I think that with enough searching I could come up with the rocks for a really intricate set of lines, merging, intersecting, spiralling.


  1. Some of your rocks are so very different from ours. We brought some home with us - well what else would you bring back from a holiday in BC? - and they're adorning our hall table. I'll email you a photo of them.

    (Oh yes, we also brought back several packets of pancake mix, a bit of driftwood, a silicone pastry brush, a strawberry de-huller, and Lubriderm moisturising lotion which I LOVE but doesn't exist in the UK).

  2. What a funky list of BC purchases, Linda. I remember the pancake mix being a hit with you, but the rest ... Love it!

  3. Love the garden - the one set of rocks look like a tongue, LOL.


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