Thursday, July 08, 2010

Goodbye spring

Last weekend I did an evening run. It was chilly and damp. I wore shorts with a long-sleeved thermal shirt. It was just about right. I definitely needed the insulation.

I came home, and shortly after that the power went out. We lit candles, including putting a tea-light in this thumbtack-pierced spritzer can that Sophie had made. It was still dark, and it was chilly, so we actually lit a fire in the wood stove. In July!

Then, over the next 24 hours, summer finally showed up. In the past few days we've gone from quickly closing the door to keep the 12ºC chill out to quickly closing the door to keep the 32ºC heat out. There seems to be no middle ground at all in the weather this year.


  1. I love cool weather! We are just breaking out of a heat wave here in Ontario. Did Sofie freeze water in the can first so she could push the tack in without bending the can? Did she cut off the top or bottom after..and how? Thanks:)

  2. Cool weather is fine. But somehow 10-12 degrees and unending rain seemed rather unfair for the beginning of July. Definitely too cool for T-shirts and easy outdoor enjoyment. As to the can, Sophie just worked with an empty can and a sharp pushpin, that's all. It's amazing how easily the aluminum is perforated. She used closely spaced perforations to punch out a hole on the back and then small nail scissors to round it out to give a place to insert the tea-light.


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