Saturday, June 05, 2010

The new water feature

I've decommissioned the pond under the apple tree and in breaks between the rains have begun assembling the rock surround for the new one. This pond is tiny, really just large enough for a small waterfall. You can see the water flowing if you click to enlarge the image.

I removed a board from the deck, passed the electrical cord for the pump down through the hole, sent Fiona underneath the deck to pull the cord through, chiseled a little groove in the two-by-four for the cord, replaced it, filled the pond and turned the pump on. The pump, the cable and the hoses are hidden beneath the deck so everything looks pretty natural.

Despite its tiny size, we like it. It makes just the right sound and you can hear it beautifully from the deck. If we ever get any deck furniture we'll be able to sit up there and enjoy it. For now we're limited to standing, kneeling and perching, as you can see Fiona, Noah and Sophie respectively demonstrating.

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