Friday, June 18, 2010

Carrots for dinner

The kids get all excited when they see that this is what's for dinner. Just this for the main course, plus a dip. It's a "Carrots for Dinner" night.

My kids like their veggies raw, so that's part of the attraction, but only part of it.

Mainly they love this kind of dinner because it generally means there is a really decadent dessert coming! Tonight we're having Tiramisu Triple Layer Cake and Espresso Gelato.

We're celebrating Erin's completion of her last exam at school. Despite the pouring rain and 10ÂșC temperatures, it feels like summer. Orchestra is over. Homeschooling reporting was completed a few weeks ago. Taxes are done. Group classes are finished. Piano lessons are on hiatus. Erin is done at school. My teaching is almost done.

Some breathing space begins to open up in our lives again. Fallow time. We've been waiting for this.


  1. Ahh yummy! We prefer our veggies raw too...I like eating that way, especially in the summer...getting lots of nutrients but not needing to cook a big meal with lots of dishes! And a yummy dessert! Sounds perfect!

  2. Will you share the recipes? For the desserts, not the carrots... :)



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