Wednesday, September 02, 2009


When we were preparing the grade in front of our house for the new deck, we had to pull out some old old buried electrical cable. It was encased in 3/4" poly pipe. Old, bedraggled and not good for much.

But Fiona and I had a plan.

We cut a length off the discarded pipe, attached one 79-cent friction-fit connecting piece, and covered the whole thing with colourful spirals of electrical tape.

It's a perfect hula hoop. Everyone is enjoying it.

Fiona is getting pretty good at basic hooping. One of our favourite family diversions is to ask her to walk while hooping, something she can do quite easily now. But while she is doing so we mentally imagine her walking exactly thus without the hoop. This slight mental shift in perception makes the scene hilarious. I've rarely heard Erin laugh so loud and long.

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